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For reliable suppliers of home heating oil with years of experience,

contact ULTIMA OIL


Ultima Oil have over 30 years of experience providing home heating oil and gas to customers in County Wicklow.


We offer some of the best home heating oil prices in the county, also providing a speedy oil delivery service with flexible delivery times.


Our home heating items include kerosene and marked gas oil, which you can purchase below.


For affordable home heating oil with a complimentary oil delivery service, contact Ultima Oil


Coming soon

Marked Gas Oil

Coming soon


For queries about our kerosene or marked gas oil products, contact Ultima Oil.

Domestic FAQ

Where can I find kerosene near me?

Ultima Oil provides kerosene and other home heating oil products to customers throughout Wicklow.

Where can I find marked gas oil near me?

Marked gas oil and more is available for purchase on our website, including complimentary oil delivery service.

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