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For affordable and professional suppliers of commercial oil and gas,

contact ULTIMA OIL


Ultima Oil has a rich history of working with commercial customers to meet all their fuel needs, including other gas and oil products such as oil lubricants.


We cater to a wide number of businesses across the different commercial sectors. Regardless of the business, we provide the same high-quality service for affordable rates.


For professional suppliers of commercial fuels, contact Ultima Oil


Marine Oil

We have worked with a large number of clients in the marine industry to supply products such as marine oil. Our products include high sulphur marine fuel and marine gas oil.

Factory Oil

Our factory clients have frequently returned to us for high-quality, affordable factory oil and fuel. Our products also include oil gauges, bottled gas, oil lubricants and more.


Hotel Gas

We offer reliable sources of gas, oil and other fuels for customers in the tourism and hotel industry. Our fuel helps power your hotel’s heating system, appliances and other assets reliably.

Construction Oil

For both large and small projects, we have been a reliable source of fuel for a variety of construction clients. We offer reasonably prices construction oil and gas for all services.


Haulage Oil and Gas

We keep Ireland’s delivery and haulage network running seamlessly thanks to our great supply of haulage oil and gas for haulage and freight customers.


For queries about any of our commercial fuel options, contact Ultima Oil

Commercial FAQ

What commercial fuels are available?

Our commercial fuels include factory oil, hotel gas, construction oil, marine oil, haulage oil and gas.

Where can I find commercial oil near me?

Ultima Oil provide commercial oil, gas and other fuel to customers throughout County Wicklow.

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