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Bottled Gas


Gas cylinders or bottles are available in various sizes, making them compact and easily transportable to accommodate your lifestyle. These can be used for indoor purposes, such as cooking or using portable gas heaters, and outdoor activities like barbecues, patio gas heaters, camping gas stoves or caravanning, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of LPG gas no matter where you are. In addition, our range of Gaslight cylinders continues to expand, providing you with lightweight and convenient alternatives to conventional metal cylinders.


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Advantages of Bottled Gas

Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

Gas cylinders or bottled gas are available in various shapes and sizes, making them compact and easily transportable for multiple purposes. They can be used for indoor applications like gas cookers and portable gas heaters and outdoor activities such as patio gas heaters, camping gas stoves, and BBQs. To learn more about the different gas cylinders and their uses, look at our Flogas Bottled Gas Guide. Not sure what size you need? Then call us today.


Indoor Heating, Outdoor Cooking


Experience instant warmth throughout your home with our compact and convenient mobile gas heaters. Whether you opt for propane or butane bottled gas, we offer a broad selection of cylinder sizes to meet the requirements of any appliance.


If you solely need gas for cooking purposes in your home, propane cylinders can be connected directly to your cooker from outside your house. Also, these gas bottles can be used to power your gas barbeque.

Whatever you're requirements, Ultima Oil can provide you with the right bottle.

Cooking on The Road

Don't leave the comfort of your home behind on your next adventure. With our various bottled gas sizes, you can power mobile heaters, patio heaters, gas cookers, and BBQs with clean and cost-effective LPG. Our Gaslight cylinders are also innovative and lightweight, making your holiday experience easier and more enjoyable.


Need bottled gas? Then please get in contact with Ultima Oil today.

Bottled Gas FAQ

Do I need bottled or bulk gas?

At Ultima Oil, we offer a range of cylinders, tanks, and storage options tailored to meet the needs of every customer and property type. In many rural areas, connecting to the main gas supply is often not feasible. As a result, an LPG tank is frequently the preferred choice, similar to a regular oil tank, but with the added benefits of being cleaner, more accessible to fill, and more secure. If your property is not suitable for a storage tank, or if you only require gas for your gas cooker or fire, our compact and convenient propane or butane cylinders (bottled gas) are the perfect solution.

Still not sure if you need bottled or bulk gas? Please call our offices today.

What’s the difference between butane and propane?

Propane (available in bulk tanks, large red and green cylinders, and grey patio cylinders) has a lower boiling point than butane (identified by yellow cylinders) and is stored at a higher pressure, making it more suitable for outdoor storage. However, butane has a boiling point of approximately 0°C, meaning it may not function correctly in colder temperatures around this range.

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