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For one of Wicklow’s best suppliers of agricultural fuel,

contact ULTIMA OIL


We are one of Wicklow’s most reliable suppliers of agricultural fuel for agriculture customers throughout the county.


Our client base includes small, independent farmers as well as larger farming groups and organisations. Our flexible delivery costs and prices can be discussed in detail to make sure you get the best possible deal for your fuel.


For reasonably priced agricultural fuel, contact Ultima Oil

Green Diesel

We offer reasonably priced green diesel, also known as agri diesel for use with all kinds of off road vehicles.


Our green diesel includes low sulphur gas oil that can be used in equipment such as tractors and harvesters.


For green diesel that works great with all kinds of agricultural equipment, contact Ultima Oil

Tractor Fuel

Our green diesel is perfect for use as tractor fuel.


We also offer a range of other high-quality agricultural products such as oil lubricants and oil gauges to make all of your farm’s processes work seamlessly.


For highly-effective and affordable tractor fuel, contact Ultima Oil

Agriculture FAQ

Where can I find green diesel near me?

Ultima Oil provides green diesel for customers throughout Wicklow for reasonable prices.

What can your agri diesel be used for?

Our high-quality agri diesel can be used for all kinds of agricultural equipment, such as tractor fuel.

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