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If you’d like to purchase kerosene or marked gas oil for your home,

visit ULTIMA OIL’s online store!

Ultima Oil

With over 30 years of experience, Ultima Oil is a family-run business providing a range of heating oil and gas for domestic, commercial and agricultural purposes to customers in County Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford.

We offer kerosene and marked gas oil available for purchase on our site, as well as an online brochure of other gas and oil products.

We provide a 7-day emergency oil delivery service. For all our services, we guarantee fast delivery, flexible delivery times, affordable rates and high-quality, professional service.


For reliable suppliers of home heating gas, commercial fuels, agri diesel and more, contact Ultima Oil

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We are suppliers of home heating oil such as kerosene and marked gas oil. We also provide an oil delivery service for all domestic customers.

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We have experience providing heating oil and gas to commercial customers such as factories, offices, schools, construction, marine and more.



We have an inventory of agri diesel available to view in our online brochure, such as low sulfur gas oil.



Our online brochure includes a plethora of gas products such as oil tanks, oil lubricants, solid fuel, HVO fuel, bottled gas and oil gauges.

Ultima Oil FAQ

Where can I find heating oil prices near me?

We can assist customers with finding out the current prices of heating oil such as kerosene or marked gas oil.

What heating gas products do you provide?

We provide a range of products such as oil tanks, solid fuels, HVO fuels, bottled gas and more.

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